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Sharp Turns Cause Rollovers on Top Heavy Vehicles

Vehicle Rollover Cases

At the California Los Angeles law firm of Ehline Law Firm PC, we litigate Los Angeles County automobile vehicle rollover cases, including SUVs. We have a strong reputation for representing victims injured from a rollover accident. Automobiles and all other types of vehicles are not supposed to roll over under normal expected driving conditions for the type and model. But often, auto manufacturers have put profits over people and refuse to design safe automobiles, which can actually make them rollover and cause death or serious damages to individuals. Unfortunately, not all vehicles are designed by their manufacturer with safety in mind.

Ways a Rollover Can Happen

Roll overs can happen from a defective product, failure to adequately warn, or other manufacturing and design defects. Some vehicles like the Ford Bronco, Ford Ranger, Mazda B series and other trucks as well 15 passenger vans have been in the news over the years. In fact, these small truck manufacturers have been the subject of many class action lawsuits. When a motor vehicle rolls over and causes an injury to individuals, an expert witness needs to determine the mechanism of injury. If the roof was caved in, it will more likely than not, cause a head injury.

Unreasonable Manufacturers

This is why a reasonable motor vehicle manufacturer will adopt policies to make the conditions in the trucks safe. Laws are also stricter help obviate roof crush and vehicle rollovers. You will need to protect vital evidence, consult a qualified law firm, and begin the arduous process of filing a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer, and all those defendants in the chain of commerce in getting that metal coffin to you, the California consumer.

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Ehline Law Firm PC has the experience and reputation to go up against the stock market giant car makers and their defense attorneys. We have aggressive staff, who know what motions to file and who to sue.

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We will come to you. We are local to all zip codes, we will get you the help you need when you need it. Ehline Law Firm PC offers legal counsel who have zest and zeal and carry a velvet hammer. This is how we get you the maximum compensation under the law for your shocking injuries.

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