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Welcome to the Ehline Law page on a rare, but catastrophic event, the exploding gas tank scenario.  Many of the us grew up watching t.v. shows like CHIPS, where cars would crash, and blow sky high with a flash and a bang. But in reality, motor vehicles are designed to not explode whether the damage is from an impact, or from a mechanical/maintenance type defect.  This page explores what a consumer will need to understand about gas canister explosions and the law as it related to a personal injury negligence type claim.

Vehicle Designs Known For Faulty Gas Tanks

First, in the real world, there are many factors that can lead to gas tanks mounted upon motor vehicles, into exploding. Typically the causal connection will be defective manufacturing of the tank itself, of mounting device use to attach it to a vehicle. But all of these can usually be attributed to a poorly constructed tank that would be otherwise be a good design (manufacturing defect), or a poorly designed tank that was never fit for its intended use, no matter how well it was built.  Any questions thus far?

In any event, the design and/or manufacturing techniques and directives used to build the tank, are one of the topmost factors that can directly cause gas tanks to explode, causing serious burn type injuries (melting of the skin, permanent nerve system damage, and chronic life long pain and inability to sweat, etc.), and fatalities. As discussed, the individual that does survive an exploding vehicle gas tank fire can sustain serious injuries that cause permanent disfigurement, and scaring, along with pain and suffering.

Melted and Charred Skin Is a Serious Issue

These injuries can result in multiple lifelong surgeries, which include plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and skin graphs.When this type of explosion or fire happens, and there are serious afflictions to the innocent victim, the Ehline Law firm is there to assist them on their road to recovery. The firm’s experience allows them to handle auto defect cases like this aggressively, and to get the results the injured victim in California needs to begin healing. 

Manufacturing and Design Defect Case Studies

As we all learned in law school, there are certain vehicles that have become case studies for manufacturing and design defects.  The seminole cases arise from the poorly designed placement of gas tanks. Some popular pickups, Ford Pintos, and Crown Victoria’s are some of the more talked about models. The design of these vehicles places the fuel tank, in vulnerable locations, like in the pickup truck with two fuel tanks known as saddlebags, which are located outside of the frame.

This makes the pickup truck vulnerable to side collisions, for exploding fuel tanks and fires. The Pinto and Crown Victoria have been known for many years to have gas tanks that explode on impact. This is due to the mounting of the gas tank between the rear axle and the bumper, and when struck in the back, this can cause the gas tank to explode. The Ford Pinto that was manufactured during the 1970’s and the Ford Crown Victoria that was manufactured during the 1990’a have both been linked to tragedies where the gas tank exploded and caught fire.

The fuel fed fires; injuries and fatalities are linked to the placement of the gas tank located outside of the protection of the vehicle’s frame. The gas tank explosions can also occur due to defective materials used for fuel lines and the fuel line safety valve that should prevent fuel leakage after a vehicle collision.

Find Out More from a Gas Tank Eruption Attorney

If you or a family member has been involved in a vehicle collision where there has been a gas tank fire due to fuel leakage, for example, Ehline Law is experienced in these types of complex cases, and is highly committed to obtaining the best possible financial recovery for their innocent clients.