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Poorly made or designed child restraints can lead to serious injuries.

Welcome to the Ehline Law Firm page about defective baby chairs. As a parent, Michael Ehline, attorney, wants you, the consuming parent, about potential harm to children from poorly made baby seats and boosters for passenger cars. Many innocent parents are faced with this situation.  The sad thing is, a poorly made restraint device can even lead to a fatality in a low impact smash-up, such as a low speed rear-ender. Please read the below information, and if you still have questions, or need to speak to a prize winning personal injuries lawyer with a proven track record at recovering financial recompense for parents, call (888) 400-9721.

Statewide California Child Restraint Defects Attorneys

Baby chair defect attorneys are not all the same. There are many things a baby seat defect law firm will need to know. The child car seat is the proper way to protect a child while riding in a vehicle, the same as the seatbelt restraints that protect average size or adult passengers and drivers.

Children that are smaller than average size and not in a car seat or booster seat can be seriously injured in the event of an accident and this is why parents protect young children and infants in these types of retraining devices. California laws require that children that are either under the age of six years or under sixty pounds must be secured in a child car seat or a child passenger restraint.

Properly Working Restraints Can Save Your Baby

When the child restraint device works properly in the event of an accident the child can be safe from serious injuries even in a rollover accident. Should the child safety restraint device not work properly or be defective the child could be seriously injured in an accident or could be a victim of a wrongful death.

Helping Injured Consumers is Our Passion

Ehline Law is understands what it takes to hold vehicle manufacturers and child car safety restraining device makers liable when they are negligent, and putting children at risk. The compassionate attorney at Ehline Law firm know bringing a lawsuit against a negligent vehicle or child safety restraint manufacturer cannot turn time back to before the child’s injury or death; however it can hold them responsible. Holding them responsible can make child restraint devices safer in the future for children riding in vehicles.

The Law Requires Certain Things

Laws now require that vehicle manufacturers are required to have a system known as a Latch child seat-tethering system, and this is two anchors that are locate at the top and bottom of the back seating. This system ensures that the child seat or booster seat is able to be properly secured.

Auto safety research shows that children under sixty pounds or under six years of age will not have the protection they need should an accident occur. The California laws recognize that not all children grow at the same rate and this is why there are the two deciding factors for a child that should be in a car seat or safety restraint.

Parents that follow the recommendations of the California laws and have the child safety restraint properly installed in the vehicle and their child suffers catastrophic injures in a vehicle accident often it is due to a child safety restraint defect. Ehline Law firm is able to hold the car safety restraint manufacturer responsible due to their experience, the investigative experts, engineers, doctors and other experts that are used to prepare the clients claim. This claim will include the injuries that were sustained by the child and how it will affect their life.

Speak to a Lawyer

When your child has been injured in a motor vehicle accident our experienced attorneys can determine if the injuries were sustained due to a defective child restraint device. The excellent track records of the attorneys at Ehline Law and their commitment to justice have the experience to hold the negligent manufacturer responsible.